Bang on trend -a Healthy and Active Lifestyle!

Not because I’m overly concerned, but being well passed “young and carefree” it was about time to do a small review of my lifestyle and how healthy I really live -and eat.

There’s an app for everything, indeed. Also when it comes to checking how you’re treating your body. In fact several. But I chose, as it was the most popular, an app called Nutracheck. By a few simple steps you find yourself scanning bar codes on the foods you consume, adding your meals by search and easily ad “brisk walking” with a click (no cheating allowed) and voila! You’ll be presented with a mini health check.
If you notoriously fill in everything you eat and all activity you do this app will leave you with the true story. What you eat, how much vegetable and fruit you’ve had, how much water you drank and how many calories burnt through activity and exercise.

In my case it was quite a shock to see how unhealthy I eat. Despite the selection of fresh herbs in pots and a large bowl of delicious fruit, decorating our kitchen. We buy organic and avoid pre-prepared foods. It’s with a feeling of almost a despicable self righteousness we shop our bio dynamic groceries at Waitrose and Wholefoods.


Despite this, in only a few days it soon became clear that my diet is far from a reason to call myself a foodie. Lack of variation, hardly any vegetables and surprisingly large amounts of coffee and sweet treats. And in uneven portions, at the wrong times of the day.

And exercise. Little if any… Hence the lead image in this post, featuring a running shoe from Nike. Apparently like a sock on the foot, with all the comfort and support needed. And in addition they were on sale, at runners need Starting running have never sounded better to me!


Ps. This was not part of any desperate New Years resolution.

Ps. This post was not sponsored.

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