Christmas Smoked Salmon in London

The guests are already at the door when you are still in the bathroom, applying the finishing touches of Mascara… Nevertheless you feel totally relaxed and excited about tonights party. Not only are you wearing your favourite dress and there’s some lovely friends arriving. There’s also a nice bottle of bubbly on the chill and a serving platter filled with exquisite smoked salmon from Hansen Lydersen on wafer thin crisp bread from Neils Yard, topped with a light dash of creme fraiche and decorated artfully with a couple of chives for added colour and taste. All made well in advance of the party!

And if there happens to be any smoked salmon left after the party, why not go for a light lunch option? It takes less than 15 minutes to throw a healthy and delicious smoked salmon salad together. Use avocado, eggs, beetroot and lots more.

© Hansen & Lydersen. Smoked salmon with goats curd, roast baby beets, dashi jellies, kikones and pomegranate, by chef Peter Gordon.

As well as selling at several London Food Markets during the weekend, Hansen Lydersen also supplies some of London’s finest dining rooms. The salmon has a sublimely delicate flavour after being smoked in the London based smokehouse, less than 48 hours after being fished from sustainable stock, over Danish juniper and beech wood. Visit

Scandinavian easy to prepare hearty Autumn stew

Fårikål, directly translated sheep-in-cabbage is the national dish of Norway. The easy to make hearty stew even has it own official day; this year being on the 27. September, when lamb is in season (as you would use lamb rather than sheep meet). It’s excellent for both everyday and party meals.
We host an annual dinner, gathering our close friends around a large steaming pot of this delicious meal.

Ingredients: (This recipe serves 4.)

1½ kg lamb meat on the bone
1½ kg white cabbage
4 tsp black peppercorns
2 teaspoons salt
3 cups water

1. Slice the cabbage into wedges.
2. Add meat and cabbage in layers in a casserole (meat with lower fat side down). Sprinkle salt and pepper between layers.
3. Pour the water and bring it to a boil and let the stew simmer on low heat until the meat is tender (it separates from the bone, after approx 2 hours).

Serve steaming hot with “flatbrød” (thin crackers), your favourite beer and a small glass of schnaps.

Decorate the table with candle holders in a lovely lanterne design, from Holmegaard.

Now all you have to do is invite your friends! Wish you a happy Friday!

Crayfish Party and Festival starts, 8th of August

The release date for fishing crayfish is August 8th. And a crayfish party is then much due, celebrating the end of the summer, around mid August.

A traditional crayfish party takes place outdoors, and gaily coloured paper lanterns should be hung round the table. The most popular type of lantern shows a smiling full moon. Both the tablecloth and the colourful plates are also supposed to be of paper. People wear bibs round their necks and comic paper hats on their heads. You eat crayfish cold, as finger food. Bread and a strong cheese such as mature Västerbotten are eaten on the side. You’ll drink beer and (lots of) schnapps.

Photo by Green Kitchen Stories

You can also see a proper crayfish party in Wallander Season 2 Episode 1 The Revenge. The series starts with Wallander and his colleagues in the middle of a crayfish party, and the jolly atmosphere of this Swedish tradition is excellent visualized.

Photo above is from Green Kitchen Stories, a fab vegetarian blog. Telling us “And when those cold and dark February mornings hit us, this warm mid-August evening is what we think back upon.” So true! Let’s celebrate!

The art of Norwegian Coffee, by Tim Wendelboe

Norwegian barista Tim Wendelboe is not only the 2004 World Barista Champion and 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion.
He has also founded the Tim Wendelboe micro roastery, a coffee training centre and an espresso bar, with the goal to be “among the best coffee roasteries and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred supplier of quality coffee and a preferred resource for coffee innovation and coffee knowledge.”

© Tim Wendelboe making a capuccino in his Oslo based coffee bar and shop

When visiting Oslo you should stop by Tim Wendelboe to learn and experience good honest coffee, have a chat about coffee and get advice on how to best brew your coffee. They also offer coffee making course.
Tim Wendelboe is located at Grünersgate 1 in the trendy area of Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway. Visit Tim Wendelboe at
Also check out How to make a perfect Cafe Latte over at the Little Scandinavian Blog.

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