With & Wessel launched new shop in Oslo

With&Wessel are already known for their relaxed and sleek style Nordic knits with a beautiful flagship store centrally located on Manhattan, New York. Originating from Norway they’re now also present with a shop in Oslo. The launch was earlier this week in the shopping centre Paleet, with press and celebrities welcoming the comfortable and relaxed style to the capital of Norway.

With&Wessel is party run by the successful NY based fashion photographer, Norwegian Cathrine Wessel.

Fashion and lifestyle photographer Cathrine Wessel

Photographer Cathrine Wessel, originally from Norway, has been living and working in New York since the late 80’s. Catherine started photographing and documenting the music industry and the she moved on to shooting recording artists and music labels. She emphasizes capturing real moments and moved naturally on to photographing sports, travel and later fashion which, is where you find most of her work today.

© Photo by Catherine Wessel for Boden, source blog.andersonhopkins.com

Also, she’s my second cousin! Turned out she’s a friend of my friend here in London! It’s a small (fashion) world! And I’m so proud to have such a huge talent in my family! In other news Cathrine Wessel has recently ventured into fashion design with the brand With and Wessel, but that’s another story…

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