Community Spirit in Chatsworth Road, Hackney, E5

There’s a growing community spirit in the various of villages that makes London. Chatsworth Road in Hackney being one of them. Once one of London’s roughest areas, Chatsworth Road, is just a bike ride from Shoreditch, a short walk from Homerton’s Overground station and with lots of green spaces, including Hackney Marshes.
Chatsworth Road has now a dedicated website providing members of the community with lots of useful local information, as well as a local newspaper. There’s information about everything from shops and services to social events and happenings in the area. Visit
chatsworth marketmembership-cards

If you sign up for a membership, which currently is £1 on an annual basis, you’ll enjoy discounts in local shops, you may vote for committee members, your ideas for the area will be heard and last but not least you will experience a safer neighbourhood.
One of passionate members of the Chatsworth Road community is the Norwegian photographer, Jørn Tomter. He is also a local resident and lives in E5 together with his wife Kimberley and two young children. As a passionate but also highly creative member he has a constant stream of ideas for improvements. One way to improve the area is to support local business and also make sure the Sunday market is vibrant and attractive. But Jørn Tomter thought there’s more to it as well and wanted us to meet the locals. With an intriguing art project called I Love Chartsworth Road he’s portrayed the residents of Chatsworth Road. The effect is quite striking, especially when placed together. There’s no doubt! It’s the individuals getting together that makes a thriving community.


We popped into Cooper & Wolf in 145 Chatsworth Road, where Jørn is exhibiting the portraits. He also uses the busy eatery (with Swedish specialties on the menu) as a work space, typing away on new ideas, whilst sipping black coffee (typical Norwegian style way to drink coffee).