White Caviar – Luxury food from Escargot Norway

The White Caviar (Caviar d’Escargot) is a quite new and exciting luxury product that is regaining popularity around the world. The highly-prized delicacy, which in fact is snail eggs, was enjoyed centuries ago in banquets for wealthy Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. Also known as “Pearls of Aphrodite” for their supposed aphrodisiac quality, with a sublime taste;
Woody, salty, with a hint of rosemary and earthy undertones -perfect served on special occasions as canapès.

The Escargot Norway snail-farm situated in one of the cleanest areas in South America, located in Valle del Elqui in Chile. The farm has unlimited access to extremely pure water from a well 55 meters under ground, with the water coming directly from The Andes Mountains. Also the stable climate in the area is perfect for breeding snails. The farm has 2 million snails, each laying only a few hundreds eggs once a year. The White Pearls are treated like precious gold as they are manually harvested and sorted, to ensure superb quality.
Escargot Norway is a innovative company in many ways. Not only focusing on a reinvented products but also producing it eco friendly The operation in Chile is run on alternative energy, like solar power systems and wind mill.
CEO Asgeir Grytten has worked many years in the seafood industry and is used to high quality seafood production and with focusing on quality and stable delivery. Escargot Norway is their HQ in Oslo, Norway, where all operations including marketing and shipping towards Europe take place.

Food-journalists around the world write about this remarkable delicacy, served at top restaurants and available online and from luxury department stores such as Harrods London. To find out more, visit escargot.no