New Nordic Film: Village at the End of the World

British-Danish filmmakers Sarah Gavron and David Katznelson’s documentary about a village in North West Greenland is soon to be released in UK Cinemas. The film reflects the dilemmas of a typical small community. However this one just happens to be in one of the remotest spots on earth… Shot over the course of a year in Northern Greenland, the documentary is a portrait of village, surviving against the odds in an isolated community of 59 people.
Nordic Film Greenland
Photo: still from Village at the End of the World

Village at the End of the World is a documentary about the small village Niaqornat in North West Greenland, with a tiny population of 59 people. The film reflects the dilemmas of most small communities all over the world. It follows a year of the life of the village focusing on four main characters: Lars, the only teenager in town, Karl, Lars’ father and the most respected hunter, Ilanngauq, the outsider who moved to Niaqornat for love, and Annie, the oldest lady in Niaqornat who can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Village at the End of the World is far more than a nature documentary about the Arctic. It’s a story of the people in the remote settlement, revealing their resilience, wit and determination. You’ll see their lives across the arctic seasons, as they fight to keep their traditions, battle with the dangers of thinning ice, whilst finding an identity in the modern world.

In UK cinemas on 10 May 2013. Watch the official trailer