No.5 a Stylish modular Storage System for the functional home

With a new home comes the need for storage and the pursuit for smart solutions is now an ongoing quest. We’ve already visited a certain Swedish furniture giant to pick up the practical Stolmen wardrobe solution. With no build in storage in our flat, our eyes have been on the storage solution from Montana. Recently we also discovered the modular storage system No.5 from Swedish company Voice. So if you don’t mind the price tag we are suddenly spolit for choice!

No.5 is based on the square root of five with slim dimensions and harmonious proportions. The system can be fitted with doors, drawers or shelves in 72 different combinations. It can be mounted on a wall, placed on a plinth or frame or fitted with castors. Either way this system will store, keep and present your belongings in a functional and sleek way.

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Styling: Lotta Agaton Photo: Petra Bindel

Voice is a Swedish furniture company founded in 1997. The designer of No.5 for Vouce is Jesper Ståhl, a industrial designer who trained at the London Royal College of Art. His portfolio includes kitchen utensils, lighting, electronic products, wash stands and tools. Several of them are acclaimed pieces and have won awards, both in Sweden and internationally. For Voice, Jesper Ståhl has also designed the wooden chair Bodoni and the acclaimed cabinet No. 216.