How to wear a oversized sweater -and stay chic and cosy!

Challenge: One oversized chunky knit sweater, Essie Kid in Light grey by Acne Studios for Autumn Winter 2013.

A beautiful oversized sweater is the perfect wardrobe statement when the days are getting colder and darker.
I originally received Essie Kid sweater as a gift, in size small. I’m 1.75m (5.8) tall and an average size 12. Without doubt I’m clearly a size Medium, at the least. So back in the shop, returning from the fitting room with a size medium, the shop assistant asked “How did it fit?” “Oversized!”, I replied, with a happy smile. She looked dissapointed, “So it didn’t fit?” “Uh… It’s meant to be oversized…”
Well funny shop assiants stories asaide and on with the task, how to wear a oversized sweater?

Solution: There are simple rules to follow. First off all, you need to find the right size. The sweater should end where your bum ends. No shorter, no longer than that. Wear your oversized sweater with simple monochrome trousers or leggings, so your sweater will be what catches the eye. Similar dark boots, ankle or knee is what you need to complete your outfit. A statement necklace or a beautiful scarf is also nice accessories, together with leatherbag matching your boots.

Here’s a few images, for your inspiration, on how to wear a oversized sweater in a fashionable and feminine way.