Scandinavian Chic Knit Cushion for Winter

So, I’ve joined a knitting club, even though I can’t knit. Yes, “can’t knit” as in not at all. However I have some really optimistic friends that seems to think that “everyone can knit”. So there you go, I’m now officially a member of a knitting club. Then onto my first planned project… cushion. I’d love to knit a cushion cover! Always wanted a soft and snug cushion in our living room. Cable knit is probably to reach to high, but a plain one should be doable?
First meeting will take place this Wednesday, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile, if you have any advise (or encouragement) -do share!

Psst… The oversized cable knitted cushion seen in picture above retails for £45 -just in case my project fails completely.