Moods of Norway womenswear in stunning Norwegian scenery

Moods of Norway have for a long time been a very popular brand in Norway with their preppy British meets bohemian Los Angeles with a dash of flowers prints and fruity colours thrown in. The campaign images for Spring Summer 2012 is shot with the majestic Norwegian landscape as a backdrop -with an absolutely amazing result!

© Moods of Norway
Moods of Norway is a Norwegian clothing brand founded by Stefan Dahlquist, Peder Børresen, and Simen Staalnacke. Dahlquist and Staalnacke were studying at Hawaii Pacific University, when Børresen (who was an old friend of Staalnacke’s) visited. A conversation at a late night party about a fashion brand with a Norwegian twist led to the group launching the first collection in 2003. After a handful of stores in Norway, Japan, Sweden, Holland, and Switzerland, Moods of Norway opened a U.S. flagship store in May 2009 on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The company sports the slogan “Happy Clothes for Happy People.” In 2010 the brand released their first fully electronical product, a waffle iron which made waffles shaped like tractors. However, on November 17th 2011, they asked customers via Facebook and other social media sites to return their waffle irons, stating it could be a fire hazard. If the waffle iron will return to the market is still unknown. I friend of mine still has one. She said it’s pink and fun but doesn’t work very well. Perhaps a future collectors item?!?

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