Crayfish party with LondonSwedes and Ocado in London

A crayfish party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in the Nordic countries, especially in Sweden. Come mid August and the delicacy crayfish comes back in season, it’s all the reasons you’ll need to have a party! Ocado together with LondonSwedes used the opportunity to share a bit of Swedish tradition in the heart of London last night, and we were invited to come along.

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Crayfish Party and Festival starts, 8th of August

The release date for fishing crayfish is August 8th. And a crayfish party is then much due, celebrating the end of the summer, around mid August.

A traditional crayfish party takes place outdoors, and gaily coloured paper lanterns should be hung round the table. The most popular type of lantern shows a smiling full moon. Both the tablecloth and the colourful plates are also supposed to be of paper. People wear bibs round their necks and comic paper hats on their heads. You eat crayfish cold, as finger food. Bread and a strong cheese such as mature Västerbotten are eaten on the side. You’ll drink beer and (lots of) schnapps.

Photo by Green Kitchen Stories

You can also see a proper crayfish party in Wallander Season 2 Episode 1 The Revenge. The series starts with Wallander and his colleagues in the middle of a crayfish party, and the jolly atmosphere of this Swedish tradition is excellent visualized.

Photo above is from Green Kitchen Stories, a fab vegetarian blog. Telling us “And when those cold and dark February mornings hit us, this warm mid-August evening is what we think back upon.” So true! Let’s celebrate!