Treat yourself to a Swedish organic SPA experience with L:a Bruket

So I recently celebrated my Birthday, on holiday, in Sweden. Relaxed, with lovely friends and the closest family. The day was spent at the waterfront in the sunshine in Helsingborg, then spending the eveining in with a divine home cooked meal.
There were also presents. Among them, beautiful, handmade and rustic soaps and spa products. And in particular wonderfully scrubbing and luxurously softening sea salt and soap by L:a Bruket (Lillabruket) .

The sea salt by L:a Bruket is locally sourced in the Swedish westcoast. The soap is presented in a beautifully rustic shaped bottle, almost like a vintage medicine bottle. L.a Bruket have in fact one a design award for it. Choose your favourite combination. The liquid soap I received contains Cedarwood, Orange and Rosemary. It contains no preservatives and gives a softening and refreshening effect. Fill your bath with a spoonfull and lots of hot water. Soak. Then donĀ“t rinse, just air dry without towel (preferrably in the sun with a seaview!?) and make sure you have time to relax afterwards. Lush!
l-a brukethelsingborg_strandpromenaden

L:a Bruket manufactures handmade soap and spa products as skin care oils, body scrubs, salt baths etc. based on the best organic ingredients, with no added artificial stabilizers or colours. All vegetable and essential oils are certified organic.

When in your 20’s you’d be giftet with a bottle of your favourite champagne. Then hitting your 30’s and the gift bags suddenly change to a line up of luxury home spa and beauty products. Not that I mind. My hair and skin has both changed over the decade, needing a lot more care and attention than previously, or perhaps recovering after the the happy days of the 20s!?

Nordic Spa By Nord from the Nordic Nature

By Nord has developed the Nordic Spa range around the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire, each with its own scent and unique ingredients. A combination of natural plant extracts, organic oils, herbs and 100 % pure essential oils from the Nordic nature. What could possibly be better elemts to create your very own home spa this winter?

All products are unisex, multifunctional in use and manufactured in Denmark according to environmental standards. Naturally there are no added parabens, silicone, mineral oils, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. Perfect as a gift to someone you love or perhaps time to treat yourself?
The first two elements Earth and Water are available in stores now. We recommend creating your own home spa with the Earth Body Scrub a great exfoliator that will leave your body looking buffed and polished, throughout cold and dry winter months. The soap, shaped as a piece of rock, will also look really cool in any bathroom! By Nord Nordic Spa