Danish Nail Polish FNUG -your ultimate fashion statement

FNUG wants to give you tastefully fabulous nails with simple, sublime and understated colours and finish -as what the Scandinavian fashion industry are known for. With FNUG you’ll have the nail polishes that matches what’s on the Nordic fashion scene.

And FNUG is far more than a trendy, chip resistant nail polish in beautiful colours. In addition to nourishing protein, strengthening silica and delicate caviar, the nail polish contains vitamins A, D, E and B. (And no, you can not drink it as a vitamin supplement). The product is clean without Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) All-in-all a cocktail of only good ingredients, that will ensure healthy and beautiful nails. FNUG is available from Wild Swans, price £15 per bottle

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to colour choice and often end up with a nude colour; loving the pale pink Ballerina
What are your favourite nail polish colours this season? Please share by leaving comment below!

Naja Lauf Summer 2012, effortless stylish and feminine

The designer behind has a vision of a new simplicity and little details combined with natural materials to achieve the highest comfort and quality. The style is most fashionable; understated elegance, effortless chic and ultra feminine.

© Naja Lauf Summer 2012

I have the crisp white cotton Bianca dress by Naja lauf, purchased it Wild Swans in London. It always receives so many compliments, but the most pleasing part is probably that’s it’s unbeliveable functional -as in machinewashable!

The designer’s home has been featured in the Afflante Website. The house, located on Bellevue Beach, North of Copenhagen has a relaxed and airy style with magnificent views onto the sea and the countryside.

© Photo of Naja Lauf from najalauf.com Photo of Naja Lauf’s home from afflante.com

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