Winter holiday? Rent a cabin in the Norwegian mountains

When all you’re longing for is the simple life; Unspoiled nature, fresh mountain air and a cozy cabin to take shelter in.

© Photo: Sverre F. Hjørnevik Photography

Norway has deep dark fjords surrounded by white mountain peaks stretching up to the light green northern lights flickering over the dark winter skye. I’s snow storms, it’s arctic wind and freezing temperatures followed by amazing sunshine. It’s nature and it’s the sort of nature that makes you feel alive.

Where to stay? Here’s a quick guide on websites, offering cabins for rent in Norway

Norwegian adoration of nature is a vital ingredient in the country’s national identity. Over half of the population have ready access to a cabin, the schools arrange annual obligatory ski days, and most postcards produced by the tourist industry depict nature scenes rather than cultural attractions. See the full article about Norwegians and Nature here.

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