Victoria Scandinavian Soap since 1905, Helsingborg Sweden

Victoria Soap Lanolin Agg tval
So there, in my local pharmacy in London, a small blue packaging caught my attention. The label stated “Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål” by Victoria Scandinavian Soap. The vintage look and the promise of natural ingredients sounded too tempting.

So after a quick google search it turned out that Victoria Scandinavian Soap located in Helsingborg Sweden, has been producing soap and skin care since 1905. And it’s still run by the same family today. The soap smells delicate, it creates that luxurious foam and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. It has that old-fashioned feel about it, which is not only pleasingly nice to use but also will look quite decorative in the bathroom. See more skincare and spa products at

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