Design trick: Upcycle Ikea basics to unique Interior Design Classics

Walking around high end design shops in London can be a real treat with so many design classics gathered under one roof. It’s in fact so nice that I sometimes wish I could move in! Because bringing home that design recliner or desk -just perfect for my home office without breaking the bank is hard. But there’s other alternatives, when on a budget to touch up your home.

There’s the Swedish furniture giant we all have that love hate relationship with… With a touch of paint and new knobs you can easily transform a plain wooden chest of drawers into a stylish sideboard.
Simple basics from Ikea, such as the Expedit shelves get a total new expression with DIY boxes made of reclaimed wood. I also came across the blog post 10 Totally Ingenius, Ridiculously Stylish IKEA Hacks discovered at

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