Acne to recall all angora products after Animal Welfare Scandal

The agony of the rabbits plucked alive for your fluffy jumpers has been spread all over the news and online, with everyone condemning the animal cruelty taking place on rabbit farms in China. It’s also been revealed that all angora pieces from the new Acne collection is indeed from China. As a consequence, the Swedish designer brand are recalling all products, and will take all pieces containing angora off the market with immediate effect. Until Acne has a certainty their products are produced with consideration to animal welfare, the products will be kept off the market, says Jesper Kling from Acne.
Personally I haven’t been able to look at the videos giving us an insight into the Chinese angora rabbit industry. I simply don’t have the stomach for it, and can only imagine the horrific torture these animals must go through. By commending all factories that do not consider the animals welfare, this must stop!

Image of Angora Rabbit source

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