The most beautiful magical White Christmas decoration -cut in paper

4KarenBitVejleJUL Foto-Styling- Anniken Zahl Furunes
On our way through all the tempting offers at the Norwegian Christmas Market in the Norwegian Seaman’s Church in London today we stumbled upon a gorgeous paper art collection by Danish Norwegian designer Karen Bit Vejle. Although more known for her large scale clip art installations, the smaller Christmas decorations easily caught our attention too. Find out more about the design at

In the collection on display were hearts, stars, snowflakes and small fairytales for the Christmas tree. They would probably also look lovely on branches in a vase or hanging in the window. But the larger ones, especially a star was just beautiful and would any window stand out with a lovely Christmas feel. The attention to detail is just impressive, as the artist herself hand cuts each piece in the collection. This Scandinavian White Christmas decoration is a reason on its own to visit the Norwegian Christmas Market. Last day tomorrow -don’t miss it.

More of the beautiful paper art by Karen Bit Vejle and lots of Scandinavian White Christmas via Anniken Zahl Furunes

Collecting Blue Fluted Plain Dinnerware by Royal Copenhagen

When staying with friends this summer we truly enjoyed dining in with their gorgeous dinnerware by Royal Copenhagen. It really inspired us and we realised that if we were ever to have the same in our home, we needed to get started. A birthday present, adding to the collection of tea mugs in all shapes and patterns prompted our quest to a stylish dinnerware. Mixing dinnerware can be fun but our selection is not a mix in a good way. Our mugs are everything from Diamond Jubilee to Santa saying ho ho ho. Returning the gift, four tea mugs with a summery flower pattern got us started with one tea cup and saucer from Royal Copenhagen. Royal Copenhagen doesn’t come for free, but it does come with a two year breakage guarantee. The quality is lush, and as every piece is hand painted, you should choose each item with care. From now on, no more unwanted gifts for Birthday and Christmas. Also, you might come over nice pieces of the collection, second hand and even in sales sometimes. I wouldn’t mind mixing the different straw patterns, although we will be focusing on collecting the Blue Fluted Pain.

Collecting a certain dinnerware set does make you feel all grown up. But whatever makes you happy! We’ll probably combine this with Royal Copenhagen Fluted Contrast coffee mugs, as a contemporary touch on the breakfast table.

If you are interested seeing more, have a look here Royal Copenhagen

Retro Villa Interior Inspiration – Wallpaper with retro flowers

Danish Retro Villa wants to bring on the Spring Summer feel, not only by sharing the below interior inspiration but also by giving us 50% off on selected wallpapers. For more inspiration and good interior offers visit
retrovillaretrovilla_wallpaper© Pictures from the lovely Danish blog Sukkertøy for øyet and the online shop Retro Villa

Retro Villa is a Danish Interior concept and online shop specialising in original retro wallpaper.

Nordic Home Accessories and interior by House Doctor

House Doctor is a Danish company, creating Scandinavian beautiful interior for your home, with a personal and informal style.

Twice a year there’s a new collection presented, Everyday and Moments. Everyday is presented in January and contains new products as well as favourites from the existing range, while the Moments collection, presented in August, mainly consists of novelties and seasonal accessories.

The product range is very wide, ranging from kitchen storage, vases and furniture to an exclusive assortment of clothing and sophisticated accessories. With the elements mixed rather than matched. As beautiful as the Nordic nature.

Explore the collections on

Danish Design lamp, the Holm pendant by Anton Fogh Holm

The Stylish Holm pendant light was originally designed by Anton Fogh Holm in the 1960s. His grandchild, Danish designer Kim Aa Holm, has taken his grandfathers lamp and changed the design slightly, with the suspension now being a bit different, originally glue was needed, but now it all slots together making it easy to self assemble.
This is one of the more affordable lighting and designer lamps on the market with the retail price £52.

It’s now on sale at the Scandinavian Design Centre for £35 (Cord and light bulb not included.) The pendant is made in ivercote duo cardboard and measures 50cm. We think it would be a lovely statement piece in any contemporary home.