On the look out for a new bicycle – Boris! I’m breaking up with you!

There’s no way around it; I’m in a urgent need of a bicycle. The last bike in my ownership, a second hand mens mountain bike, was stolen in the streets of Oslo in 2002. It was meant to be replaced. Then immediately became to soon and then eventually to sometime.

Since 2008 I’ve enjoyed traveling around in London. The city offers a great choice of transport and especially the tube system. However, there’s something about pedalling your way around, the sensation of utterly freedom holding the handles and choosing your direction. When my boyfriend got me a Boris key it was with great pleasure I tried the system out. Not having cycled for years, the heavy bike was tricky to manoeuvre around in the busy streets of Central London. It was almost a relief to put it back into the dock. But as with everything you do get used to it. However, even though it’s convenient to jump on and off the communal bike around the capital, it’s not quite like having your own. So, Boris. I’m breaking up with you!
© Boris and his bikes

My ultimate wet bicycle dream would be able to own a Swedish handmade womens bicycle from Skeppshult. But as with most things unique, handmade and good quality, it comes with a hefty price tag. In other words; it’s just not meant to be.
Then I spotted this vintage bike in a window in Barbican, with my name on it. And I thought this was the one! However, turned out the offer was “we pay £100 for your used bike when you buy a NEW”. How disappointing -a bike, literary with my name on it, and it’s not for sale! So the search for “the one” continues.
image (3)
© Go Scandinavian – Bianca Bike

Let me know if you know where to buy a affordable bicycle, you know a frame with two wheels, handles and a saddle. A device that can take me anywhere I desire.

Benefits of a bicycle

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