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This weeks BLOGLOVE goes to Freunde von Freunden (Friends of friends). Not so much a blog, more a portal of fresh and inspiring content. Meet friends of friends and widen your horizon!

FvF is an independent and international publication documenting inspiring people from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds. Our content aspires to present multifaceted personal perspectives that offer impressions of cities, various artistic industries and international urban living. By introducing real people and stories from around the world with an honest and authentic approach, FvF attracts a global readership and remains borderless. Managing Directors are Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert

Why we love?

1. Interviews
Not only in depth interviews with intersting people you really want to find out more about, giving you an insight into their lives. We especially loved to finding out more about the talented Danish designer, in the Stine Goya Interview.
Another one is the interview with the young family behind Goodhood Store London. And much more… The list goes on!

2. Pictures
The pictures are often an inspiration in itself, in both colours, composition and light. Abobe picture is showing a pair of glass vases from German artist Cornelius RĂ©er, presented in the fvf blog section.

3. Collaboration
Fvf is inspiring in so many ways. One of the project they have on is a pop-up space called the Apartment in Berlin. The Apartment is a physical expression of the Fvf online publication and an opportunity for friends and partners of Fvf to gather and express their creativity. How amazing is that!? Check out what’s on at the Apartment.

Click yourself over to to become a friend of Fvf you too!

Next BLOGLOVE to follow on Saturday 27th of June. x

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