Summer Wedding on the island that rises from the sea, Bornholm

A friend, a gorgeous Danish woman, beautiful inside and out, is getting married in June in Bornholm, Denmark. Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. In Old Norse the island was known as Borgundarholm, the name related to the Old Norse words borg (height) and bjarg/berg (mountain or rock), as it is an island that rises high from the sea. What better place to start a union of two people who share their vison, dreams and goals, who have decided that love will conquer all.

© Photo by Justine Høgh / Bryllup Bornholm

© Photo by Verner Kjærsgaard / Bryllup Bornholm

Til lykke med de siste forberdelsene, kjære Lone og Laust. x

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