HYGGE by SKANDINAVISK -Candlelights that glow in the dark.

If there’s one thing I miss from Scandinavia it’s candlelight. Scandinavian proper candlelight. That have the right size, that smell absolutely nothing, that burns slowly without dripping and that glows magical in the dark.
Autumn is the season for candlelit evenings. Weather’s changing, leafs are falling from the trees and landing on the wet ground, the evenings are darker. That’s in fact a season the Scandinavian people are looking forward to. As it’s the season for “hygge”. Directly translated it means to enjoy yourself, to be having an enjoyable time. To the Scandinavian people “hygge” means to lid candles, brew a cup of tea, get out your favourite book and cuddle up in the sofa with a woolen blanket and just enjoy the dark and silence. If you want to experience that authentic Scandinavian feeling of “hygge” you need to try the candles from SKANDINAVISK.

New this season is the natural fragranced candles; SKOV, with a fresh smell of the Scandinavian never-ending forrest, HAV, which takes you straight back to a swim in clear blue salty sea and then last it’s HYGGE, that just smell incredible nice in a subtle way. All three fragrances are perfect when you just want to add that extra bit of atmosphere to your home. HYGGE is my favourite, but I wouldn’t mind having HAV in my bathroom. But I wonder if my husband would prefer SKOV.

And then there’s the new Advent Calendar Candle. As a opposite to the more traditional advent candle only to be lid on the last for Sundays before Christmas Eve, this you can lid every evening, as a countdown, for all of us that still believes in magic.

Find your nearest retailer of the hand poured, slow burning, deep glowing candle at skandinavisk.com

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