Interior inspiration: Vintage bathrooms ideas

{Photo source: William Abranowicz for The New York Times via Decorators Notebook 10 dreamiest vintage bathrooms

How to transform from outdated to vintage with a minimum budget? There’s no reason to despair! Old and dreary bathrooms can with a few simple steps become your relaxation haven.
We think the ultimate luxurious bathroom is not achieved by money but style.

After giving your bathroom that much needed top to toe scrub… the transformation can start!
Step 1: Add a piece of vintage furniture; mirror, shelf, dressing table.But only one, we’re not creating a antique shop or museum!
Step 2: Add your favourite oil painting or photograph for a personal feel.
Step 3. Add a green plant, or two if you like.
Step 4. Lights! Chandeliers or a bulb from a string -whatever floats your boat. But make sure it’s unusual and far away from typical dull bathroom lighting.
Step 5. Light a scented candle 15-20 minutes before your bath, poor in hot water in the tub along with a dash of your favourite bath oil and -enjoy!

{Photo source: Home Improve guide Black and White tiled bathrooms ideas


{Photo source: Both images from Interior Magasinet via My Scandinavian Home}

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