Do The Minimalist Spring clean – I dare you!

{Photo source: Nomess}

Less is more! Use the arrival of Spring to have a true home cleanse -the Minimalist Spring clean. Say goodbye to unwanted and not needed clothes, accessories and homeware. I dare you!

So, without further ado… Let’s get on with it!

1. Clear out your wardrobe. Be critical and let go of the horder in you. If the garment doesn’t work with anything else in your wardrobe, or hasn’t been used since… well you really don’t remember the last time, then let it go. Pack away what you want to save and get on with the Summer wardrobe. Repeat the clear out. This goes for accessories as much as for clothes. I know they were you’re favourite sandals, but if you haven’t used them over the last few summers… Precious memories (no, they are not all precious memories!) could be kept in a memory/collectors box.
You should be left with empty hangers and a tempting, functional wardrobe at the end. Unwanted goods should be donated to your nearest charity or sold on eBay, and not dumped at your friend’s house. She has the same challenge!

2. Go through your make-up and beauty products. Expired products not only loose effect but could potentially be a hazard. Get rid of outdated colours, dried out mascaras and half empty lip glosses. You’d want to achieve a clean bathroom, only featuring your favourite (and regularly in use) products.

3. Turn your kitchen up side down. No, not literally! But do go through all cupboards, shelves and kitchen storage. Unused cook books, colourful unused tea mugs and expired food all needs to go this Spring.

4. Declutter your home. First rule to declutter is simple. If it doesn’t have a “home” -it needs to go. All your belongings should be sorted and stored in appropriate places, easy accessible.
The most precious memorabilia can go into your memory box (from 1.) -or if not -it needs to go too!
Clean surfaces only containing nothing more than your absolute favourite items is a must to achieve the Minimalist Spring clean!

5. Sort through your linen cupboard. Go through it all, with another important rule in the Minimalist Spring clean in mind; Make sure you have what you need, and not more. Have 2 sets of fresh bedlinen for each bed in the house. One in use and one extra set. Repair or replace ripped or stained bedlinen. Same goes for towels. Two sets for each member of the house, and sufficient sets for maximum amount of guests you can accommodate at the same time.

Next step is cleaning, but you’re on top of that, right!?

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