The End of Fashion Blogs?

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Fashion blogs, do you read them? Well, as this is sort of a fashion blog, and you are reading this, I guess you do. But do you find yourself less so? Well, if you have a few minutes spare and would like to rediscover the world of blogs, I have a few , both fashion and lifestyle, I’d like to recommend.

A blogpost I found interesting this week was Is This the End of Fashion Blogs? I’ve never been very inspired by bloggers that posts an endless series of photos of themselves, calling it today’s outfits. On the contrary I find this type of narcissistic online behaviour boring and at times, even embarrassing. But one of the blogs I do like, that include today’s outfit, in addition to make up advice and home decor inspiration, is What I Bought by fashion girl (and shopaholic) Anneli.
Not only is she Norwegian and absolutely lovely in person, but she also regularly clear out her wardrobe with the What I Bought Shop -only wish I was her shoe size!

A great read this week was “How to be happy when it’s cold, dark and wet outside”, on the Wear and Where blog, interviewing Shaun Russell, co-founder of Skandinavisk.
© Skandinavisk
Russell, originally from the UK, has had great success in the candlelight industry in Scandinavia, now also exporting Scandinavian “HYGGE” to the world. We followed the brand from the start and it’s amazing to see that a Brit is leading the way in sharing the essence of scents of Scandinavia.

And talking about ‘HYGGE’… I’m a great fan of the blog A Frog in the Fjord, and her post How to make things ‘Koselig’? is spot on in explaining the expression ‘HYGGE’, ‘MYS’ and ‘KOS’.

Then finally, Emma Scott-Child from Ladyland has created seven creepy Halloween costumes. This resulting in a brilliant post, shared by TimeOut London, Mashable, London24 and lots of other websites as well as popping up on Social Media; The Terrors of London – Halloween in the Capital
@ This is Lady Land photographer Dee Ramadan
We especially loved the real estate agent, and the pigeon costume was fantastic!

And on that note, I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

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