Scandinavian Edition, Stylish Outerwear

With four seasons in a day you might want to consider functionality in front of style. With Scandinavian edition, outerwear designed for living close to nature and the elements, you don’t have to choose. Understated cool and stylish, regardless of rain or shine.

Scandinavian Edition is a Norwegian outdoor apparel brand, based in Oslo. The clothing is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It’s the idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be made available for everyone, and strive to create products with great value for money without making any compromises.

The search for a technical multi-purpose product with outdoor features and a clean Scandinavian city look triggered the project; unique outdoor clothing that would become a wardrobe staple, like your favourite pair of denim, or that extraordinary watch – a timeless classic functional fashion jacket for everyday use. Dedicated work and research have been put into the details. You most certainly will appreciate the difference, the moment you start wearing a Scandinavian Edition product.


We have our eyes on the olive coat – perfect with wellington boots for the festival season. It’s a menswear brand -but who wouldnt want an oversized coat when it’s pouring down? Get him one -and nick it is our advice! Find out more at For UK retailers, get in touch with House of Nordic Brands

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