How to become a Professional Blogger

Except the Mac or PC as well as internet access, a decent camera and an iPhone -there are a few more details that could improve your chances of becoming a professional blogger. Writing skills are undoubtedly a skill set to have. Some talents as a photographer as well as basic skills in image editing would also be beneficial. But there’s other, behind the scenes, details that can make all the difference.

Time and flexibility. Besides from the writing in itself, there’s lots of events to attend. These events could be everything from breakfast and brunch launch parties to all day and evening happenings. The main thing is to get on important press lists and accept as many invitations as you can -to be invited to more! Events within your blog’s niche can be covered on your blog. More stories usually equals more readers.

Have a minimalistic, sparsely furnished home with lots of light (preferably daylight). You will need to use your home as a blank canvas for your ‘at home’ features, product reviews and styling posts. An all white home is particularly good for your Instagram account.

Have (or have access to) a nice front door, where you can have your friend or boyfriend taking your ‘today’s outfit’ images.

And that leads me to… have access to someone who can take your picture, at least 2-3 times a week. Ideally a boyfriend or a flat mate. Some young bloggers, still living at home, have their mums taking their ‘today’s outfit pictures.
Yes, the lack of ‘Today I’m wearing’ posts on Go Scandinavian is simply down to that I don’t have this. Wish I had! (Perhaps my dear boyfriend will read this and things will change…)

Have patience. Write and post blogs several times a week, ideally every day. Use Social Media to spread the word about your blog and new posts -and keep writing. But Rome was not built in a day! You should gradually see some increase in your stats over a course of a few months, but don’t expect fame after a week or two. If your increase in visitor numbers is not happening, re-evaluate your chosen topic or writing style. Perhaps it’s your theme/blog template? Try a different approach.

Last but not least, have passion about your topic! When you have little time, or the technology is not working in your favour or visit numbers not rocketing as fast as you were hoping for -it’s always a good thing to be able to at least continue the conversation on your favourite topic.

If you are looking for great blogs, to give you an idea on what works, top UK bloggers that made it include:

Fashion: 5 inch and up by Finnish Sandra Hagelstam, living in London. Blogging since 2010, with frequent posts and a distinct fashion sense, ‘dark Finland’ meets ‘Paris chic’ with a bit of Hollywood glamour thrown in.

Lifestyle: Cider with Rosie is a traditional (in a nice way) English blog, with a little bit of everything. Really good read for your coffee break.

Food: Top with cinnamon is a London based food blog with everything from inspiring recipes to restaurant reviews.

Interior: My Scandinavian Home, an endless source of Scandi chic or Scandi cozy home inspiration.

For a Scandinavian blog in the UK covering kids fashion & design as well as family lifestyle, head over to our sister blog

If you think you are willing to make the commitment it is, go for it! I’m certain your audience is waiting to connect with you.

My last piece of advice is; Be genuine. Be original. Be funny. Be you.

Happy blogging! x

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