SKANDINAVISK Hygge Advent Calendar Candle

Remember SKANDINAVISK? We’ve talked about it previously. It’s our favourite brand for candles, as it’s scent-free (if you do prefer scented candles, that’s also part of the product range!), incredibly slow burning and therefor so looong lasting. And that glow! Forget any childhood memory of the “snølykt” (snow candle) you made… This glows beyond anything!

SKANDINAVISK Hygge Advent Calendar Candle is made of vegetable stearin, refined paraffin and organic beeswax. Pure, slow burning and highly decorative with a deep glow. A daily treat, throughout Advent.

And did you know, you can get some HYGGE in the UK too now? Moleta Munro, Republic of Fritz Hansen, Wild Swans, Totally Swedish and many more stock this home accessory brand. Find your nearest retailer at And don’ be fooled by the price. Considering the hours with deep glow -it’s rather affordable.


This post will be updated with a burning Advent Calendar Candle, on Sunday! ;)

Psst! Will I be seeing you at the Scandinavian Christmas Market in Notting Hill today?

50 Years of Christmas Tables with Royal Copenhagen

When searching for inspiration on how to decorate and lay your Christmas table there’s no doubt the new book “50 Years of Christmas Tables” by Royal Copenhagen is what you would be looking for. In the pen of cultural sociologist Lone Rahbek Christensen, the book depicts some of the most beautiful and original examples of Christmas tables over the years. The book also features a personal account by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, who has personally decorated a table in the Royal Copenhagen flagship store. Readers will also discover Noma-founder René Redzepi’s personal Christmas table. So everuthing from the Royal and traditional to contemporary, something for everyone.



This book will make a perfect Christmas gift and retails for € 49.90. See more at

Why you should join the UK’s largest Nordic Ski Club?

Missing snow, the silence and the fresh air -whilst flying though the groomed trails on cross country skis? London Region Nordic Ski Club organise roller ski practices and organises cross country skiing trips for training, racing and recreational purpose. In addition there’s social events in London and abroad, where you can meet other skiing enthusiasts. The instructors are excellent motivators with high level competitive experience.
Annual membership fees includes various of discounts at sportshops etc, are for adults £20, children up to 18 years £5 or a family membership is £30. Membership runs from the 1st January to 31st December, but if you join in November or December your membership will run until the 31st December of the following year. So no need to wait…

Scandinavian Chic Knit Cushion for Winter

So, I’ve joined a knitting club, even though I can’t knit. Yes, “can’t knit” as in not at all. However I have some really optimistic friends that seems to think that “everyone can knit”. So there you go, I’m now officially a member of a knitting club. Then onto my first planned project… cushion. I’d love to knit a cushion cover! Always wanted a soft and snug cushion in our living room. Cable knit is probably to reach to high, but a plain one should be doable?
First meeting will take place this Wednesday, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile, if you have any advise (or encouragement) -do share!

Psst… The oversized cable knitted cushion seen in picture above retails for £45 -just in case my project fails completely.

The art of display on a tray – the Tray Table by Hans Bølling

The Art of Display, with tray displays. It’s very simple. By using serving trays to display things around the home with style. You can change it all the time too, play around with it according to season and mood.

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Happy Friday

Rain and wind doesn’t change the fact that it’s finally Friday! The picture above shows the Norwegian ballerina Grete Sofie Borud Nybakken, outside the Norwegian Royal Opera house. She’s one of the most promising Nordic dancing talents at the moment. Although I’m far from having any dance talents, just that Friday feeling makes me jump with joy (inside).

Interior trend of the season – Reindeer Skin for your Winter Home

Reindeer Skin or hide as it’s also called is originating from the Sami people, the natives of the North. Reindeer provide meat, milk and materials for clothes and tools and are still important to the Sami people’s culture and existence today. It’s not only a eco-friendly and sustainable product -but also a highly decorative one.

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Fritz Hansen reduces waist at the London Design Festival 2013

Taking place during the London Design Festival is teh OFF | CUT, an experimental, deployable structure that investigates the inventive re-use of Fritz Hansen’s material waste. Designed by Chung Tyson Architects and supported by the Bartlett Architecture Research Fund, OFF | CUT will be assembled and exhibited at Fritz Hansen’s flagship showroom in Fitzrovia.

To reduce waist is all in line with the Slow Living movement, one of the biggest trends for fashion, design and food. Do not miss this! See the exhibition 14 – 22 September at Republic of Fritz Hansen, 13 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8RN

Founded in 1872, Republic of Fritz Hansen™ is one of the world’s leading design manufacturers within premium furniture design. Fritz Hansen is renowned for its quality and collection of design icons through collaborations with some of the world’s most influential architects and designers; including Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjaerholm.

HYGGE by SKANDINAVISK -Candlelights that glow in the dark.

If there’s one thing I miss from Scandinavia it’s candlelight. Scandinavian proper candlelight. That have the right size, that smell absolutely nothing, that burns slowly without dripping and that glows magical in the dark.
Autumn is the season for candlelit evenings. Weather’s changing, leafs are falling from the trees and landing on the wet ground, the evenings are darker. That’s in fact a season the Scandinavian people are looking forward to. As it’s the season for “hygge”. Directly translated it means to enjoy yourself, to be having an enjoyable time. To the Scandinavian people “hygge” means to lid candles, brew a cup of tea, get out your favourite book and cuddle up in the sofa with a woolen blanket and just enjoy the dark and silence. If you want to experience that authentic Scandinavian feeling of “hygge” you need to try the candles from SKANDINAVISK.

New this season is the natural fragranced candles; SKOV, with a fresh smell of the Scandinavian never-ending forrest, HAV, which takes you straight back to a swim in clear blue salty sea and then last it’s HYGGE, that just smell incredible nice in a subtle way. All three fragrances are perfect when you just want to add that extra bit of atmosphere to your home. HYGGE is my favourite, but I wouldn’t mind having HAV in my bathroom. But I wonder if my husband would prefer SKOV.

And then there’s the new Advent Calendar Candle. As a opposite to the more traditional advent candle only to be lid on the last for Sundays before Christmas Eve, this you can lid every evening, as a countdown, for all of us that still believes in magic.

Find your nearest retailer of the hand poured, slow burning, deep glowing candle at

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