Why you should join the UK’s largest Nordic Ski Club?

Missing snow, the silence and the fresh air -whilst flying though the groomed trails on cross country skis? London Region Nordic Ski Club organise roller ski practices and organises cross country skiing trips for training, racing and recreational purpose. In addition there’s social events in London and abroad, where you can meet other skiing enthusiasts. The instructors are excellent motivators with high level competitive experience.
Annual membership fees includes various of discounts at sportshops etc, are for adults £20, children up to 18 years £5 or a family membership is £30. Membership runs from the 1st January to 31st December, but if you join in November or December your membership will run until the 31st December of the following year. So no need to wait… londonnordic.org.uk

Blæst by Lillebøe waterproof clothing made fun and stylish

As this looks like to become another wet summer I thought I ought to share a ray of sunshine in form of a waterproof range of colourful clothes with you. Awarded Good Design Award from the Norwegian Design Council the company from the west coast of Norway, Blæst by Lillebøe includes a variety of good looking raincoats, hats, wellington boots, umbrellas and also a knit wear range for women. Blæst is produced in the highest quality and according to EU`s environmental standards. They are all lined, comes with a hood and the seams are welded.
Blæst is a Norwegian expression used by seamen and means in fact strong wind, indicating that this is clothing that you’ll enjoy the great outdoors in. The designer behind the brand Lisbeth Lillebøe is from the beautiful coastal town Bergen, known for it’s fish market serving as not only an important trading platform but it’s also a popular tourist attraction. Bergen is a picturesque and stunningly beautiful small city with it’s traditional markets and it’s colourful wooden houses along the waterfront called Bryggen. But it rains in Bergen. In average 213 rain days a year, so in other words a very appropriate location for the brand. When in Norway, Britain’s own two style gurus Trinny and Susannah chose to wear coats by Lilleboe.

@ By Lilleboe

Growing up in Norway you’re always told by your parents “There no bad weather, just bad clothes.”
Blæst By Lillebøe is avilable from Norsk Flid Husfliden in Norway in addition to a few international shops. Come rain come shine!

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Skeppshult Bicycle -Essential for Beautiful Living

With more than 100 year experience, Skeppshult’s handmade bicycles is defintely in a league on its own. Who would have thought transportation on two wheels could look so beautiful and feel (we had our hands one one at the Scandinavia Show in London) so comfortable to ride. A Skepphult bike is an essential for Beautiful Living. Or so I try telling my bank manager! Beacuse unfortunately these beauties with it’s Swedish excellent quality and Scandinavian design doesn’t come for free. Prices from £664 with the one I’m having my eyes on with a hefty £1.481 But as they say, it’s not a bicycle it’s a lifecycle!

We love the Skeppshult Ladies Nature, the quintessential classic bicycle, equipped with everything you need to commute to work or run your morning errands, whilst the comfortable upright seating position lets you take in the scenery.

© Skeppshult Bikes

Skeppshult keeps renewing themselves though, as they have been for the last 100 years, creating quality bikes with a bespoke attitude. Their latest model, the Z Bike, designed by Björn Dahlström has an updated version to their traditional frame, with exceptional shock absorbing abilities. So whatever your style is like… You can enjoy the ride!

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