Skeppshult Bicycle -Essential for Beautiful Living

With more than 100 year experience, Skeppshult’s handmade bicycles is defintely in a league on its own. Who would have thought transportation on two wheels could look so beautiful and feel (we had our hands one one at the Scandinavia Show in London) so comfortable to ride. A Skepphult bike is an essential for Beautiful Living. Or so I try telling my bank manager! Beacuse unfortunately these beauties with it’s Swedish excellent quality and Scandinavian design doesn’t come for free. Prices from £664 with the one I’m having my eyes on with a hefty £1.481 But as they say, it’s not a bicycle it’s a lifecycle!

We love the Skeppshult Ladies Nature, the quintessential classic bicycle, equipped with everything you need to commute to work or run your morning errands, whilst the comfortable upright seating position lets you take in the scenery.

© Skeppshult Bikes

Skeppshult keeps renewing themselves though, as they have been for the last 100 years, creating quality bikes with a bespoke attitude. Their latest model, the Z Bike, designed by Björn Dahlström has an updated version to their traditional frame, with exceptional shock absorbing abilities. So whatever your style is like… You can enjoy the ride!

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