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Flicking through the IKEA catalogue that arrived on our doorstep in London yesterday. One page after the other resulted only in a growing feeling of dissapointment. Come on IKEA, where are all the exciting, cool new products? And the inspiring home styling ideas?

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Design trick: Upcycle Ikea basics to unique Interior Design Classics

Walking around high end design shops in London can be a real treat with so many design classics gathered under one roof. It’s in fact so nice that I sometimes wish I could move in! Because bringing home that design recliner or desk -just perfect for my home office without breaking the bank is hard. But there’s other alternatives, when on a budget to touch up your home.

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Designing a new IKEA kitchen for our London home

Our home may have some fantastic features such as large french doors in the living room and high ceiling. The location is great too. And for those of you that follows this blog, you may have picked up that we have a small but private garden that we very much enjoy. But it ends there. We do have a large eat in kitchen, but the fittings is in teak/plastic from the glorious days of the 70’s. The fan looks like a space ship and the cabinets are not possible to completely close. All in all it’s in a state. So we are looking into renewing it.

IKEA offers an online solution where you can design your own kitchen by simply filling in the accurate measurements of the room. When that’s said there’s no surprise there’s companies offering to design it for you, for a small fee. Because finding the right solution, cabinets that fitted your measurements, turned out to be a small headache. As hours spent with click and drag cabinets around your virtual kitchen, that would fit in with the rooms dimensions, is before deciding on whether to go with a grey or off white kitchen.

We’re planning to recover the original floor, that are hopefully hiding underneath the parquet, with some sanding and oiling. Combined with contemporary Scandinavian dining furniture and a fully functioning fireplace -this might end up being our favourite room in the house. Now, should we choose grey or off white?

Customise your Ikea cabinet with Superfronts

With Superfront, you have the chance to invest in a high quality furniture at a sensible price. Swedish company Superfront makes fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases, extending to many base products from Ikea.

Nine surface designs, nine legs, eight handles and and twelwe different colours are currently available of your choice.


Renew your existing Ikea kitchen or an old wall lined with Ikea closets. Tweak a sideboard or even a bathroom cabinet from their line. And it’s environmentally friendly, the whole concept of upcycle rather than waist.
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All Superfront products are made in Sweden. Customise your cabinet into a one off unique design piece on

For Outdoor Living – Garden furniture and accessories

With Summer fast approaching it’s time to turn the attention to our outdoor space, wether you have access to a french balcony, terrace or garden. It’s all about soaking up those vitamin boosting rays as soon as the sun’s out.

We’ve made a quick list including a few ideas on how to make your outdoor life top notch and most enjoyable!

The Hee Chair by HAY
The Hee Chair by HAY from Moleta Munro is a versatile piece of modern furniture, available in several vibrant and contemporary colour. The stackable Hee Chair, in a rubber coated metal finish, is with it’s linear and contemporary form rapidly gaining status as an iconic Danish design classic. Price £145.

Homemade Garden Table
Why not make your own garden table to your specific measurement? Buy table legs from Ikea, like the VIKA MOLIDEN underframe £20. Lots of companies speciases in reclaimed wood. Above illustration is from

The Eva Solo Bird Feeder

The Eva Solo bird feeder from Moleta Munro is a not only a contemporary design piece but also a popular feeding place for the small birds in the garden. The hand-blown glass is easy to hang using the accompanying hanger. Price £39.00

New textiles from IKEA, cushions and throws
For interior and style on a budget, there’s always IKEA. The SPRINGKORN fleece throw is soft and snug. Perfect for adding a touch of colour and to wrap up warm on chilly evenings. Machine washable. Price £7. And why not add some unexpected prints? A fun pink flamingo cushion or a coctail sipping lady is perhaps exactly what you need? Price £3.

Go Green – Grow your Own

Last but not least, grow herbs in pots, home-grown ones taste better and cost less. It will not only look and smell nice in your outdoor living space but also be an invaluable ingredient in your cooking (and drink mixing) long after summer has gone!

Tip: Paint dull ceramic pots in desired colour(s). It’s all about those little details.

Building a walk-in closet in one afternoon – Stolmen. Ikea

Building a walk-in closet in a small bedroom may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s pretty easy to do. With the affordable IKEA wardrobe systems to choose from you can divide your room and double your storage, easily by being your own interior architect. This is a DIY video on how to build a walk-in closet in one afternoon using the PAX storage system. Very clever!

I’m considering the flexible floor-to-ceiling storage STOLMEN system, great for smaller bedrooms, hallways and any room. You start with two poles and then mount the storage units you choose between them. Just add more sections whenever you need to. You can fix it to the wall or the ceiling. Storage options include everything from cabinets and shelves to clothes rails and hooks. Also recommend to pop over to Style Bubble; Say Stoooolmen for great DIY inspiration and lots of photos.

Now, need to start sketching STOLMEN IKEA dream wardrobe system… Wish me luck!