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Flicking through the IKEA catalogue that arrived on our doorstep in London yesterday. One page after the other resulted only in a growing feeling of dissapointment. Come on IKEA, where are all the exciting, cool new products? And the inspiring home styling ideas?

Don’t get me wrong. IKEA has come a long way since founded in 1947. Personally it’s been a household favourite. In fact I grew up with IKEA furniture in our home, back in the 80’s. It was functional and more than anything else extremely competitive on price. The quality, especially on the kitchen, sofas and bed was not known to be the best though. They changed this, think around the 90’s sometime, giving a 10 year guarantee on the kitchen, by improving the quality. The price went up a little, but not frighteningly much. IKEA was on a roll. There was IKEA shops popping up all over the world, and people went crazy for the affordable and functional design.

Then the new IKEA catalogue 2015, ‘Where the everyday begins’, arrived. And it was nothing like I expected it to be. The catalogue is meant to highlight the bedroom and the bathroom where most people start their days. But it didn’t offer any exciting new design pieces, the styling of the rooms were cluttered, untidy and anything but inspirational. I’m by no means an interior expert. What I offer is my personal opinion. But I thought we were moving in a direction where we detoxed and cleansed not only our bodies but also our homes. Less is more and we don’t need much to live a happy life. IKEA still has functional design pieces. But why not show it in surroundings where you don’t think it’s a home of a hoarder about to be screened on reality tv, as the before section? When I think bedroom I think somewhere serene, a place to tuck away, to relax and sleep. Bathroom is a place for treating yourself to some me time. And I’m of lately quite drawn to combining modern with historical in the tiled environment.

If you still will give IKEA a try, don’t waste your time on the catalogue. Check out IKEA hackers instead. See the various of possibilities you’ll have with the flat packed furniture, of customisation, to make it personal and fit in with your home decor. The below is from the website, where IKEA fans share their “hacks”.

This bedroom, offers storage together with a quiet and peaceful place for resting.

This bathroom! With a curving wall made from $2 Ikea vases

IKEA has been keen to shut down the IKEA hackers website, not understanding how valuable the site is the furniture giant. According to rumours the woman behind the website was invited to the IKEA HQ last week to negotiate on how she can continue to use the IKEA name for her website. With lack of inspirational catalogues, IKEA should pay bloggers and websites to promote their affordable design in ways that are more relevant to the consumer. That’s when the everyday could begin.

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