Blæst by Lillebøe waterproof clothing made fun and stylish

As this looks like to become another wet summer I thought I ought to share a ray of sunshine in form of a waterproof range of colourful clothes with you. Awarded Good Design Award from the Norwegian Design Council the company from the west coast of Norway, Blæst by Lillebøe includes a variety of good looking raincoats, hats, wellington boots, umbrellas and also a knit wear range for women. Blæst is produced in the highest quality and according to EU`s environmental standards. They are all lined, comes with a hood and the seams are welded.
Blæst is a Norwegian expression used by seamen and means in fact strong wind, indicating that this is clothing that you’ll enjoy the great outdoors in. The designer behind the brand Lisbeth Lillebøe is from the beautiful coastal town Bergen, known for it’s fish market serving as not only an important trading platform but it’s also a popular tourist attraction. Bergen is a picturesque and stunningly beautiful small city with it’s traditional markets and it’s colourful wooden houses along the waterfront called Bryggen. But it rains in Bergen. In average 213 rain days a year, so in other words a very appropriate location for the brand. When in Norway, Britain’s own two style gurus Trinny and Susannah chose to wear coats by Lilleboe.

@ By Lilleboe

Growing up in Norway you’re always told by your parents “There no bad weather, just bad clothes.”
Blæst By Lillebøe is avilable from Norsk Flid Husfliden in Norway in addition to a few international shops. Come rain come shine!

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Ti Mo, Slow Fashion from Oslo

The Norwegian designer and business woman Tine Mollatt grew up in Oslo. She stated dancing ballet at four, she moved on to the thatre stage at age ten and by seventeen she was sewing costumes for the Opera.
A Danish poet once wrote: Our childhood is a source from which we ladle our whole life. For founder and creator of by Ti Mo, Tine Mollatt, this was where it all started. Since its launch in 2004 Ti Mo has gradually expanded and now counting almost 1000 stores in 22 countries, with the To Mo concept store situated in central Oslo, Norway.

@ Ti Mo SS12

Tine is inspired by vintage treasures, visits to the opera houses and galleries and also by taking part in the whole process of creating each piece. After years in the commercial industry Tine needed time to think about what was important to her. Ti Mo is part of the Slow Fashion movement, producing high quality clothing in a sustainable way.

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Glam Summer By Malene Birger

BY MALENE BIRGER is a high-end, international designer brand offering affordable luxury. It’s style, class and quality.

Founded in 2003 the Danish brand By Malene Birger with Ms Birger as the Art Directing Consultant and creative force behind each collection, the global campaigns, the brand identity and the entire aesthetic universe, supported by a dedicated team who embrace her distinctive style, an artistic angle to contemporary classics. See a few of our favs below.

@ By Malene Birger

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Skeppshult Bicycle -Essential for Beautiful Living

With more than 100 year experience, Skeppshult’s handmade bicycles is defintely in a league on its own. Who would have thought transportation on two wheels could look so beautiful and feel (we had our hands one one at the Scandinavia Show in London) so comfortable to ride. A Skepphult bike is an essential for Beautiful Living. Or so I try telling my bank manager! Beacuse unfortunately these beauties with it’s Swedish excellent quality and Scandinavian design doesn’t come for free. Prices from £664 with the one I’m having my eyes on with a hefty £1.481 But as they say, it’s not a bicycle it’s a lifecycle!

We love the Skeppshult Ladies Nature, the quintessential classic bicycle, equipped with everything you need to commute to work or run your morning errands, whilst the comfortable upright seating position lets you take in the scenery.

© Skeppshult Bikes

Skeppshult keeps renewing themselves though, as they have been for the last 100 years, creating quality bikes with a bespoke attitude. Their latest model, the Z Bike, designed by Björn Dahlström has an updated version to their traditional frame, with exceptional shock absorbing abilities. So whatever your style is like… You can enjoy the ride!

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Selected Femme, affordable Scandinavian fashion

The Selected brand was launched in 1997 for the menswear market and the Selected Femme womenswear was launched in 2008. Selected Femme represents the way you want to look today with a strong fashiony feel; The style is raw and simple with a focus on value for money.
The Danish womenswear label has launched an edited version of its Spring Summer 2012 collection, after Mary Portas the Queen of Shops, handpicked the brand as the perfect complement to the existing womenswear on offer in her “shop in shops”.
The SS12 collection from Selected Femme is divided into the themed lifestyles lines; Formal, Trend, Casual and Jeans.

© Selected

Just seen the coming AW collection on a press day hosted by Bestseller, and we can’t wait to see the news in the shops in August.

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Moods of Norway womenswear in stunning Norwegian scenery

Moods of Norway have for a long time been a very popular brand in Norway with their preppy British meets bohemian Los Angeles with a dash of flowers prints and fruity colours thrown in. The campaign images for Spring Summer 2012 is shot with the majestic Norwegian landscape as a backdrop -with an absolutely amazing result!

© Moods of Norway
Moods of Norway is a Norwegian clothing brand founded by Stefan Dahlquist, Peder Børresen, and Simen Staalnacke. Dahlquist and Staalnacke were studying at Hawaii Pacific University, when Børresen (who was an old friend of Staalnacke’s) visited. A conversation at a late night party about a fashion brand with a Norwegian twist led to the group launching the first collection in 2003. After a handful of stores in Norway, Japan, Sweden, Holland, and Switzerland, Moods of Norway opened a U.S. flagship store in May 2009 on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The company sports the slogan “Happy Clothes for Happy People.” In 2010 the brand released their first fully electronical product, a waffle iron which made waffles shaped like tractors. However, on November 17th 2011, they asked customers via Facebook and other social media sites to return their waffle irons, stating it could be a fire hazard. If the waffle iron will return to the market is still unknown. I friend of mine still has one. She said it’s pink and fun but doesn’t work very well. Perhaps a future collectors item?!?

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The Pierhouse Hotel and Seafood Restaurant, Port Appin Scotland

So on the sunniest day in a very long time we decided to head out of London and head up North, to Scotland. A night in the Pierhouse Hotel in Port Appin, a small coastal village, 20 minutes North of Oban, awaited us. The drive through England was okay but as soon as we’d passed Glasgow the scenery changed enormously with deep loch’s, high mountaintops, narrow roads and occasionally a Scottish castle. Highest peek being Glencoe was amazing, and even though we didn’t do it I do recommend leaving time to stop here, for a trip up with the lift to the top of the mountain. Then after passing Glencoe it’s down a beautiful valley before you reach the sea, the famous landmark the Castle Stalker and not long after Port Appin.

The Pierhouse Hotel used to be the resident of the Pier Master when Port Appin was a thriving port. Today the original building next to the pier is housing a fantastic family run hotel and seafood restaurant.

We arrived in the evening and were greeted by one of the welcoming and frindly owners, Nikki. After checking in we were shown to our room, a beautiful light and spacious room decoarted in neutral colours, with a functional, sleek and modern bathroom. But what was really breathtaking with the room was the stunning seaview; Peppled beach and the pier stretching out into the bright blue glittering sea, boats passing by and tall majestic mountain tops in a far distance.

After freshening up we decided to have a pre drink on the terrace, with a pleasant 25 degrees and a mild sea breeze outside, to enjoy the sunset. The fresh air in this place is fantastic, and as soon as you sit down you feel relaxed and actually switched off -which is a wonderful feeling when your everyday life is rather hectic.

After finishing our drinks we were then showed to a nice table by the window in the restaurant by our waiter for the evening. Seafood is a obvious choice in this restaurant but they do offer meat and vegetarian dishes as well. However we decided to enjoy their specialities. He had the soup of the day and I had crab cakes as a starter, then for mains he had Monkfish whilst I choose to have the Seabream. A bottle of nicely chilled Sancerre accompanied the meal. The crab cakes tasted of salty sea and summer and the seabream, a firm-fleshed white fish was cooked to perfection. For dessert we considered both the Scottish cheeses and the the cheescake but landed on sharing a tasty sticky toffee pudding.

Now, I’m by no means a professional food critic. But being from Scandinavia you do know your seafood. And the seabream I had in The Pierhouse Seafood restaurant is arguably one of best tasting fish I’ve ever had. It was so fresh and so beautifully cooked that I was left totally swoon! Excellent service throughout the meal also ensured a perfect and very romantic dining experience.
We finished of our evening in the hotel bar with a night cap. And we truly enjoyed chatting to the local staff and other guests both from far away and local. The summer night and moonlight invited to a midnight stroll on the beach -Think Scotland was really showing off on this particular evening!

We woke up after a good nights sleep the next morning to another beautiful sunny day. It was remarkable quiet, no people nor cars, not a sound! The bed was very comfortable so I felt well rested and ready for a new day. Breakfast was served from 8am and we were of the first guests to arrive in the restaurant. We choose a round table with a stunning panoramic view, sat down and enjoyed being served coffee, toast, scrambled egg and tasty locally smoked salmon. He went for the Scottish breakfast including haggis!
Then when you are all set for new adventures there’s lots of activities to choose from when staying at the Pierhouse Hotel; Kayaking, bicycling, horse riding, boat trips, bird watching etc -that is if you choose to do something rather than just relax; Have a lie in, then breakfast served in the room, moving on to the terrace for some more coffee and perhaps read the newspaper, followed by a leisurely stroll on the beach whilst watching the boat life, admire the scenery, cooling down by dipping your toes in the crystal clear water whilst the chefs from the restaurant are securing todays specialities.

We truly enjoyed our stay, although a bit short as we had to leave for a wedding in Edinburgh the next day. But we are already planning to go back, for a long weekend next time. Also considering taking the train from London to Fort William, then go by rental car down the coast to Port Appin. The train journey is relaxing with sleeping coaches. And the last bit of the journey, from Fort William will only take you about an hour. Alternatively fly to Glasgow, then go up North by rental car which takes you about 2 hours.
The weather on the East Coast is known for being mild but wet. So do bring wellies and rain gear to make sure you get to enjoy the outdoors. Then if it is raining you always have the steaming hot Finnish sauna to look forward to when arriving back at the hotel after an active day out. And not to mention the beautfully cooked meals served in the restaurant!

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All you need in a Travel Kit by REN Skincare

I’m a REN Skincare addict! The REN cointainers are functional (and looks great in my bathroom when lined up), the products soothes and leaves my skin radiant and glowing -and just the fact that I know that there is no harming chemicals in it makes this brand my absolute favourite.

So when you’re off on long weekend or a a travel light summer holiday, what better solution than a REN Skincare travel kit?
Forget running to the nearest Boots for 50ml travel cointainers, then pouring your favourite shampoo everywhere when attempting to fill the cointainer…
REN Skincare has launched a ready to go, clear zip bag filled with natural goodies for all skintypes.

REN Skincare Travel Kit 4x50ml, price £15.00 includes:
1x Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo (50ml)
1x Pro-Vitamin Hair Conditioner (50ml)
1x Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash (50ml)
1x Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream (50ml)
1x Clear, airport-friendly zip up bag

Bon Voyage or as we say in Scandinavia; God Tur!

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House of Dagmar SS12 Sophisticated and exotic

House of Dagmar is the label to wear in 2012, according to fashion bible In Style. The Spring Summer collection is greatly inspired by the relaxed Moroccan lifestyle and the colours reflects the shades of the African savannah.

Dagmar SS2012 – The modern vagabond

Dagmar SS12 includes knitted cloaks with low cut necklines, ankle length skirts and flared trousers. Details like lace knitting, braids, details in the back, blockings in colours, architectural elements and alternating sections of solid and see-through fabric are some examples on what makes these garments stand out. The prints are based on exotic patterns from the crocodile and the giraffe with the colourpallete stretching from sand, stone, bright sunlight, clouds and plants to pop colours. The shades are either a strong accent colour combined with a neutral base or tone-in-tone. Some of our favourite styles are:

A small selection of what’s available at

“This collection is the perfect suitcase for the contemporary vagabond”, says Kristina Tjäder Dagmar’s head of design.

Photo: The three siters and founders of House of Dagmar; Kristina Tjäder, Karin Söderlind and Sofia Malm.

Since the label Dagmar was launched in the Spring of 2005, it’s unconventional and sophisticated style has been widely recognised. They recently won one of the most prestigious Scandinavian design awards, the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld “Guldknappen of 2011”. They’ve previously won the “Best Designer of the Year 2007 from Swedish magazine Elle. Dagmar is available to buy at, Diverse and Harrods.

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